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CES Examination

Environmental Science - CES Certification

CES -- Certified Environmental Scientist: establishes a professionals's understanding of the basic principles of environmental science, including: chemistry, physics, earth science, biology, meteorology, zoology and environmental health.

Education: Bachelor's degree in an environmentally related discipline. Three (3) years of acceptable work experience may be substituted for each year of an academic degree program (i.e. Twelve years of work experience is equivalent to a Bachelor's Degree).

Work Experience: Three (3) years of experience directly related to an environmental science. Education can NOT be substituted for work experience.

Exam: Required

Download the application form, fill in the required details, and email to or send to P.O. Box 2099, Glenview, IL 60025 6099.

  General Application

Your payment details (Credit Card or Check) can be provided in the General Application downloadable PDF given above. The payment section has to be filled with the required information on Method of Payment and details of Credit Card or Check.


Application/exam fee: $300


Recertification fee: $95


Re-Take Examination fee: $100

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