Application Process

How do I apply for an NREPSM certification?

To apply for an NREPSM certification, visit the Certifications page. You will be able to read more information about each certifications we offer (educational, experience and examination requirements). Once you have selected the certification that best suits your professional needs, click the link under the 'Apply Now' header. You will be directed to the application. NOTE: A non-refundable application fee is due at the time of submission.  

What are the fees associated with the Application Process?

There are three types of Applications at NREPSM; General Application, Grandfathering Opportunity and Workshop Application.
The Application fees differ for each.
  1. General Application: 
    • Non-Refundable Application fee: $100 
    • Non-Refundable Application fee REM® (Exam Only): $150
    • Examination Fee: $200 
  2. Grandfathering Opportunity: 
    • Application fee: $300
  3. Workshop Application:
    • Non-Refundable Application fee: $150
    • Workshop fee: $495

How long will my application stay on file if it is incomplete?

All applications will be kept "pending" if they are missing required documents; such as copy of applicant's degree, resume or professional certificates. All "pending" applications will be kept for one year from the submission date. After the one year time period, NREPSM will reject the application. The application fee is non-refundable and will not be refunded if your application is rejected due to incompletion. 

What documents do I need to submit when I apply?

NREPSM requires applicants to submit a copy of the following documents: 

  • Degree/Unofficial Transcript/Official Transcript
  • Resume
  • Any Professional Certificates (OSHA, HAZWOPER,etc.)
  • Education Waiver Form (If Applicable) 


Does my degree qualify?

Most NREPSM certifications require candidates to have a minimum of a Bachelor's Degree in an environmental, health or safety related field. Please visit the Certifications page for more information about individual certification requirements. 

Does a degree from a foreign college or university qualify?

Degrees from foreign colleges or universities that are equivalent to a BS or BA degree issued in the United States are acceptable.  NREPSM will contact the appropriate agencies to substantiate all documentation submitted.

If you received an undergraduate degree from a foreign institution but attended an accredited graduate school in the United States, NREPSM will accept the transcript from the US institution without equivalency of the undergraduate degree.

Can I apply for certification without a degree?

Yes. In many cases, NREPSM allows candidates to substitute work experience for education. Candidates can substitute three (3) years of acceptable work experience for one (1) year of education. Please visit the Certifications page for more information about individual certification requirements. 

Will I be required to take an exam?

In most cases, yes NREPSM requires an exam to attain a certification. Please visit the Certifications page for more information about individual certification requirements. 

Occasionally, NREPSM has Grandfathering Opportunities for certain certification, during which time an exam is not required. 

What is a Grandfathering Opportunity?

NREPSM offers some certifications under the Grandfathering Opportunity. Applicants are awarded the certification based on their education, work experience, or professional certificates (i.e. HAZWOPER or OSHA). This opportunity grants applicants the certification without requiring an examination.

For more information regarding current Grandfathering Opportunities, please visit the Certifications page. 

What options are available to take an examination?

Examinations are administered in the following ways: 

1. Online Exams

NREPSM offers online examinations for many of our general certifications. Once an application has been approved, the candidate will receive an examination link by email. The link is valid for one year to allow candidates to properly prepare for the examination.

2. Proctored Exams (upon request)

To request a proctored exam, the candidate must provide a written/emailed request to NREPSM Customer Service. This request must include their proctor's name/contact information and exam date. Exams will be mailed directly to the proctor before the chosen date. Please allow of minimum of two weeks to process requests. 

3. Computerized Exam at a Testing Center (REM® ONLY)

To take the REM® Exam at a testing center, candidates must provide a written/emailed request to NREPSM Customer Service with their chosen exam date. Once NREPSM has provided this information to the testing center, ISO Quality Testing will send the candidate a pre-registration email. 

To locate a testing facility in a city near you, please visit > Testing Centers > Locate a Testing Center. You will NOT be provided with the address to the testing center until you have been pre-registered by NREPSM and ISO Quality Testing. 

4. Workshop (REM® ONLY)

To attend an NREPSM REM® Workshop, candidates must complete the online registration. Please visit the Workshops page for information about dates and locations. 

I am registered for a workshop. Am I also registered for the exam?

Yes, the exam is included in the workshop schedule and fee.  The exam is administered on the second day of the workshop.

Can I take the exam without taking a workshop?

Yes, although we do not recommend it, the workshop is currently not required to take the exam.