"It is with most confidence and enthusiasm I am writing to recommend, from personal experience, NREPSM certifications, specifically speaking to Certified Environmental Scientist (CES) and Registered Environmental Manager (REM®). I have been a professional with the National Registry of Environmental Professionals® (NREPSM) for about a decade and can attest to the high qualifications required by NREPSM to receive certifications that involve training, further education (to achieve and continued), and qualified testing.  These fulfillment requirements have broadened my spectrum and depth of knowledge in the environmental industry.  Achieving and being awarded these certifications have led to the advancement in my career, salary raises, and have opened more opportunities for me both educationally and professionally.  I appreciate NREPSM for sustaining a level of achievement in an industry that is always under development and improving."

- Miss. Angie Ellis

"My name is Tito Campos, President of SmartAccEss Socio-Environmental Consulting, an international consulting firm based in San Diego, CA that provides environmental, and sustainability services to mining companies. One of the main services that I provide as an independent consultant is auditing against several international standards, such as the International Cyanide Management Code (ICMC), which is a standard applicable to gold mining companies. To become a Lead auditor for ICMC it is required to be certified as an Environmental Auditor. I obtained my Certified Environmental AuditorSM (CEA) credentials in 2017 from NREPSM, and thanks to that received approval as a Lead Auditor for ICMC, which has opened many business opportunities in different countries such as Canada, USA, Mexico, Honduras, Nicaragua, Dominican Republic, Guyana, Suriname, Peru, and Argentina.  I would recommend anyone interested in conducting audits to apply for CEA certification with NREPSM."

- Tito Campos

"I have been practicing environmental protection services since 1983 and have registered with NREPSM in 1988. Ever since I have been proudly displaying my NREPSM’s REP registry on all of my reports. It feels good to display the NREPSM recognition; I know it makes a good impression on my clients and contributes to my success."

- Ami Adini, Principal Environmental Professional

"NREPSM Certifications of CESM and CESCO have given me legitimacy in the workplace, especially with clients.  When the company conducts Risk Assessments on anything to do with the Environment, I am invited to the table due to my certifications and what I bring to the table is respected due to my post-nominals.  In the HSE field, my NREPSM certs have given strength to the "E" in what is normally a weak and token-added responsibility.  It has given me a well-rounded certification to complement all 3 disciplines.  The NREPSM certifications have also added prestige to my resume and assisted greatly in securing new jobs."

- Darren Franklin, CESM and CESCO 

"I obtained REM® certification in March 2018. I have truly benefitted from REM® because I have been able to apply the knowledge and skills acquired in solving compliance issues we have had ranging from hazardous waste, stormwater, and above all remediation. REM® contains all the information an environmental manager will ever require to manage their site accordingly both regulatory and cost-saving aspects."

- Kenny Kusimba, Environmental Engineer, Registered Environmental Manager - 3M Columbia

"As an active member of NREPSM with Certifications “REM®, CESCO” since 2001. I have benefited tremendously in my carrier of EHS Representative. I was hired by CMS-Corporation a minority company, corporate office located in Maumee, OHIO since August 18, 2021. I am employed full-time in the EHS Department presently working at Dover Air Force Base, Delaware as Site Safety, Health Officer “SSHO”. Two years Prior to joining CMS-Corporation I temporarily consulted for them on one of their awarded contract in Niagara Falls Air Force Base as SSHO/Superintendent where I demonstrated my experience and expertise and was appreciated by my peers at the time. Plus my NREPSM Certifications in addition to my proven experience and expertise, I was able to benefit in the first six (6) months of employment an annual salary increase. NREPSM today, and a member as well with two certifications continue to benefit me improve and enhance my credibility as well as my reputation, respect, and confidence from all my peers. I highly recommend any professional looking to obtain his or her certification in either environmental or Safety and Health to achieve any of NREPSM credentials."

- Kodjo Savi, SSHO, Environmental, Safety and Health Rep

"This is my Testimonial on how my REM® has helped me in my past 60-year professional career, 42 years as REM®. I received my REM® 02616 certification on June 30, 1990. I was awarded my 20-year memorial clock in 2010. I have used my certification for energy and environmental work during my 33 years at Northern States Power (NSP), now Xcel Energy, (retired in 1996), and since for consulting. It was valuable during my chairing the Twin Cities Army Ammunition Plant (TCAAP) superfund Restoration Advisory Board (RAB). This led to chairing the TCAAP, Energy Resiliency Advisory Board (ERAB). ERAB's task was to create an energy framework for the development Rice Creek Commons, ricecreekcommons.com I still use my certification in consulting with Ramsey County, MN Public Utilities Commission (MPUC), City of Arden Hills, MN, developer ALATUS LLC, and energy provider Xcel Energy. My vision is to help TCAAP/RCC become a national model for microgrid/grid energy locational planning and transactive energy design."

- Lyle R. Salmela, REM® 

"The National Registry of Environmental Professionals® is the premier certifying authority for environmental professionals throughout the world today. There simply is no other governing body or agency like it. In the environmental consulting industry, with hundreds of thousands, often millions, of dollars of environmental liability on the line, proper qualifications are always a major concern to clients. The stringent educational and experiential requirements needed for the REP credential regularly set me and our company apart from others. I have also found NREPSM’s commitment to continuing education, through workshops and other training opportunities, to be a valuable resource for my professional growth. Without a doubt, I would recommend the REP certification to those who qualify and have encouraged our team members to work towards obtaining NREPSM certification."

- Jordon Munizzi, PhD, REP