The NREPSM Recertification Program attests and promotes environmental professional growth through continuing education in environmental technology, science, and practices. To assure maintenance of these high standards, periodic reassessment is used to verify that competencies are maintained.

NREPSM Recertification Process

NREPSM recertification page helps the certified professional to recertify their credentials by submitting CEU’s according to the NREPSM standards through following process: 

Step 1 -  Login by submitting Username/Email Address and password. The password may be reset using the primary or alternative email address provided when the account was created.

Start by clicking Login

Step 2 - Update / change information, by clicking Edit.To edit / change Email address, Username and/or Password, click Account. To edit Contact Information (i.e. Name, Employer, Phone Number, Mailing Address, etc.), click Main Profile.

Update / change information, by clicking Edit

click Account

click Main Profile

Step 3 - Locate the certification under Active Certifications, click Recertify.  

Locate the certification under Active Certifications

Step 4 - Under the Recertify section, select one of the available recertification options listed (i.e. 1 year, 3 years, or 5 years).

select one of the available recertification options

Step 5 - Confirm Payment Amount and Registrant Information. If not, please update the information by clicking Update Your Profile. 

Confirm Payment Amount and Registrant Information

Step 6 - Enter Payment Information and click Submit. An automated receipt will be sent by email.

Enter Payment Information

Step 7 - Add required CE Credits (txt, pdf, doc, docx). NREPSM requires 15 CEUs per year to maintain certification(s). 

NREP<sup>SM</sup> requires 15 CEUs per year

What are Continuing Education Units (CEU's)?

A CEU is a measure used in continuing education program to maintain the professional license.

NREPSM Recertification Terms and Conditions

  1. NREPSM recertification cycle is valid for 1 year; the cycle ends on the annual expiration date of the credential.
  2. Fifteen (15) approved continuing education or community environmental service hours are required during each recertification cycle in order to maintain certified status. To know more about calculations of CEU’s check NREPSM Recertification Handbook.
  3. You are responsible for maintaining your own records during your one-year recertification cycle. When you have completed the requirements of the cycle, you are further responsible for submitting a Summary of Activities form and fee to NREPSM. You should keep supportive documentation for two years.
  4. A random sample of CE summaries submitted each year will be audited by NREPSM for recertification program accountability.
  5. Failure to meet the requirements will result in revocation of your certified status. Restoration of certified status will be contingent upon completion of the required number of CE hours and/or testing in accordance with the restoration procedures.
  6. Individuals meeting the recertification requirements will be awarded a recertification seal, to be attached to their NREPSM certificate.
  7. A Summary of Activities Report form will be distributed by the NREPSM at the end of each individual’s recertification cycle. Requirements must be submitted in the prescribed format, with signature, POSTMARKED NO LATER THAN certification expiration date. Failure to submit the report within this time frame will result in initiation of procedures leading to revocation of certification. The nonrefundable fee for recertification is issued for 1 year. Recertification material submitted after the certification expiration date postmark deadline must include an additional $45.00 penalty fee.

Available Programs for NREPSM Recertification