Code of Ethics

The code of business conduct is our guide to best practices and appropriate professional behavior.  It is imperative in the industry to adhere to the highest professional and ethical standards while upholding the values associated with the Environmental, Health and Safety sectors. NREPSM registrants must comply with all rules and regulations as governed by the United States Environmental Protection Agency.

WHEREAS, the goal of an Environmental Professional or Manager is to be of the highest moral principles in providing knowledgeable decisions relating to the planning and management of environmental activities in which industry, government, and the public may place their complete confidence.

THEREFORE, this Code of Ethical Practice shall govern the professional activities of NREPSM certificants and registrants:

  • To practice only in those areas of environmental science, safety, health, or technology in which professional competence has been attained;
  • To emblazon documents with the NREPSM seal, name, or initials only when such documents are complete and contain only your work or work done under your personal, direct supervision and for which you can attest that all information is true and complete;
  • To take all appropriate measures to prevent any conflict of interest that could compromise the planning and management of environmental activities;
  • To perform assigned or contracted environmental planning and management duties always in a professional manner that is respectful of laws and regulations and the needs and concerns of others;
  • To use the best principles of environmental science, health, safety, and technology in planning and management to protect and enhance environmental quality;
  • To cooperate with all levels of government in the furtherance and development of appropriate public policies supportive of environmental quality, occupational health and safety;
  • To comply with applicable environmental quality, occupational health and safety, and product safety laws and regulations;
  • To manage facilities in a manner to protect health and safety of employees and of individuals in surrounding communities;
  • To fully disclose in writing to employers/clients all known positive and negative impacts to the environment of assigned activities, duties and/or responsibilities;
  • To refrain from using the name of the National Registry of Environmental Professionals® or its seal in any activity not previously approved by the Board of Directors.

The knowing violation of the NREPSM Code of Ethical Practice shall be grounds for revocation of NREPSM professional certification.