Recertification Process

How do I re-certify my credentials?

To recertify a credential, registrants must do the following: 

  1. LOGIN to your NREPSM Profile (button located on the top right side of every page)
  2. Locate certification under ACTIVE CERTIFICATIONS
  3. CLICK "Recertify"
  4. CHOOSE from Recertification Options 
  5. COMPLETE Payment Information - CLICK SUBMIT
  6. ADD CEU Credits (NREPSM requires 15 hours of CE credits total per year)

Once your CEU credits have been approved by NREPSM, you will be able to access your renewal documents (i.e. Letter of Good Standing, Renewal Card). 

What fees are associated with re-certification?

To recertify credentials, NREPSM requires the payment of a $95.00 annual renewal fee. If credential are expired, an additional $45.00 late fee will be applied. 

Late fee is waived on a situational basis. 

Do I have to take a refresher course in order to renew my certification?

Though not mandatory, if you wish to take a refresher course and/or examination to renew your certification, you are welcome. 

Candidates are, however, required to complete 15 hours of continuing education credits per year to maintain their credentials. Documentation of completed credits must be uploaded at the time of renewal. 

What courses/conferences are approved for CEU Credit?

NREPSM accepts all courses and/or conferences geared toward expanding the knowledge of Environmental, Health and Safety Professionals. 

For specific course acceptance, please email NREPSM Customer Service

If you are a company or course provider and would like your course information shared with our members, please email NREPSM Customer Service a copy of your flyer. 

What documentation do I need to submit when logging my CEU credits?

When logging CEU credits, NREPSM requires registrants to submit one of the following for each course or conference attended: 

  • Certificate of Completion 
  • Event Schedule or Agenda
  • Travel Documentation 
  • Course or Conference Flyer 
  • Conference Ticket/ Name Badge 

Additional documentation will be reviewed for approval. 

Can I re-certify my credentials without having sufficient CEUs credits?

Registrants may pay their renewal fee of $95.00 without sufficient CEU credits but will not have access to their Renewal Documents (i.e. Letter of Good Standing, Renewal Card) until CEU credits have been logged.