Recertification Handbook

This handbook contains information about the recertification process administered by the National Registry of Environmental Professionals®. It is essential that you keep it readily available for reference of the recertification process and requirements.

All correspondence and requests for information concerning NREPSM certification programs should be directed to:

National Registry of Environmental Professionals®
P.O. Box 2099
Glenview. IL 60025-6099

NREPSM does not discriminate on the basis of age, sex, race, handicap, marital status, religion, or national origin.

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National Registry of Environmental Professionals®:

Recertification Program

Purpose: The purpose of the NREPSM Recertification Program is to promote professional growth through continuing education in environmental, health, safety, technology, science and practices.

Procedure: NREPSM is responsible for overseeing the recertification process and the registrant is responsible for maintaining recertification continuing education (CE) credits.


Summary of Procedures:

  • Each recertification cycle is one (1) year in length, following initial completion of the certifying examination. The cycle ends on the annual expiration date of the credential.
  • Fifteen (15) approved hours of continuing education are required each recertification cycle in order to maintain certified status. Hours completed in the same calendar year may be applied to multiple certifications under the same registrant.
  • You are responsible for maintaining your own records during your one-year recertification cycle. When you have completed the requirements of the cycle, you are further responsible for logging your credit hours on your online profile with supporting documents. A renewal fee of $95 to NREPSM is required for each certification in their respective recertification cycles. You should keep supportive documentation for one year after submission.
  • A random sample of CE summaries submitted each year are audited by NREPSM/OIP for recertification accountability
  • Failure to meet the requirements will result in revocation of your certified status. Restoration of certified status will be contingent upon completion of the required number of CE hours and/or testing in accordance with the restoration procedures.
  • Individuals meeting the recertification requirements will have access to the Letter of Good Standing and Renewal Card. Both documents will be available to print off the online system.

A recertification fee and recertification materials submitted after the certification expiration date will incur an additional penalty late fee ($45.00).


Your Responsibilities:

  1. Retain the supporting documentation of CE hours earned upon completion of each CE activity for a period of one year. Acceptable supporting documentation includes:

    1. Educational programs certificate of completion, or outline of program(s) with cancelled check or attendance roster.
    2. College courses final official grade reports indicating a passing grade and course descriptions.
    3. Individual self-study typed summary.
    4. Lecturer/speaker program outline including speaker names.
    5. Relevant published material: copy of article.
    6. Calculate and Total the number of CE hours earned for each activity. CE calculations are defined under each activity category
  2. Upload your CE activities onto your NREPSM profile. No more than forty (40) CE hours should be listed.
  3. Submit the recertification renewal fee no later than annual expiration date of your credential to be recertified. Retain a copy for your personal records. Registrants should use the NREPSM website and their online profile to pay for their renewal fee.
  4. If notified that you have been selected for audit, submit copies of supporting documentation for at least 15 of the CE hours listed on your form. Documentation must be sent by the deadline specified in the audit notification letter. Do not send originals; they will not be returned.
  5. Submit name changes with supporting legal documentation immediately to National Registry of Environmental Professionals® by email ( or mail (P.O. Box 2099 Glenview, IL 60025-6099).
  6. Submit address changes immediately to National Registry of Environmental Professionals® by email ( or mail (P.O. Box 2099 Glenview, IL 60025-6099).


Calculation of Continuing Education Hours

Educational content for the following categories must relate to environmental, health, safety and/or energy to be accepted.

  • Educational programs or Homeland Preparedness of technical, trade or civic or community association meetings, in-house training relevant workshop (e.g. monthly safety meetings), institutes, conferences, seminars and briefings.
    • Recertification hours are based on actual contact hours (i.e., 60 minutes of attendance at an educational program equals 1 CE hour).
    • Only educational portions of a meeting are eligible for CE hours, Business meetings, tours, and exhibits are not considered educational portions. Time allotted for registration, greetings or welcomes, breaks, and meals must be deducted from the eligible credit time
    • Fractional hour amounts in increments of 15 minutes may be recorded as .25, .50 or .75
  • College Courses: Correspondence courses, audit, or academic courses.
    • To assign your CE hours to this category, you must have participated in formal programs of study for academic credit at a college or university and received a passing grade, or you must have officially audited courses. Non- credit academic courses, including extension courses, also belong in this category. Calculate 1 CE hour for each classroom hour.
  • Individual Study: Three (3) CE hours will be awarded for each topic summarized in no loss than three single spaced typewritten pages. Contact the NREPSM to assure your topic can be approved for CE hours. Examples of "individual study" may include review of articles in periodicals, books, video/audio cassettes.
  • Instructor, Lecturer, or Speaker: Three (3) CE hours are awarded for each one (1) hour presentation
  • Posters and Articles: Four (4) CE hours are awarded for each published page. Poster presentations at association meetings are recognized for four (4) CE hours for the author.

NOTE: Activities that are unacceptable for use as CE hours include:

  • CE hours calculated for paid presentations, consultations or programs presented or performed by you for your employer as part of your regular paid duties.
  • Hours obtained in any year prior to the current recertification cycle.
  • Program/course content that does not relate to environmental health, safety, Homeland preparedness and/or energy education.


Retirement of NREPSM Credential Policy

Retirement is defined as leaving employment permanently or changing to a profession other than environmental management, auditing, assessment, science, engineering or analysis.

  • NREPSM registrants are afforded the opportunity to retire their professional credential in lieu of revocation when they retire from the field.
  • Obtaining a "Retired" status means that the NREPSM designation may not be used in connection with any job-related activities, either as an employee or as a consultant.
  • All retired individuals wishing to re-activate their NREPSM designation may do so by contacting NREPSM Customer Service . The annual dues required to reinstate the credential will be calculated at time of contact.
  • An NREPSM registrant who wishes to retire his/her professional credential must notify the NREPSM of this intent in writing via email or mail by the end of the current recertification cycle.


Revocation of Credential Policy and Appeal Process

The NREPSM shall develop procedures by which certified professionals may submit grievances relating to revocation of their certification status. The NREPSM has procedures by which certified professionals are informed of their revocation.

Certification will be revoked for failure to comply with recertification requirements. This revocation will become effective as of the date of the "Notice of Placement to Revoked Status". Individuals will have the right to appeal the revocation of certification to the NREPSM. Individuals whose credentials have expired or been revoked must not use the credential designation of NREPSM in representing themselves.


  1. The NREPSM, through its designee, shall review the records maintained for credentialed individuals at the end of the continuing education cycle to determine whether the individual is in compliance with the requirements for recertification. If the individual is not in compliance, he/she will be advised of that fact within 30 days and will be sent a Revocation Email.
  2. In order to maintain the certification status after receiving the Revocation Email, the individual must submit the following items within 30 days:
    1. Submit their continuing education credits by listing activities completed during the applicable recertification cycle,
    2. Submit documentation verifying completion of the listed CE activities.
    3. Submit the recertification fee plus $45.00 delinquent fee.

The NREPSM/OIP will respond within 30 days of receipt of the above items.

  1. If the decision is adverse to the individual, he/she has the right to request a review of the decision by the Executive Director of the NREPSM. The request must be in writing (mail or email) and submitted within 30 days after receipt of a decision from the NREPSM.
  2. The Executive Director shall convene a panel who will review all pertinent information within 30 days of receipt.
  3. This decision will be within 15 days and be communicated to the individual in writing,
  4. This decision will be final and binding upon notification to the individual.
  5. Individuals who do not respond to the Revocation Email will have their certification revoked 60 days from the date of the received.


Restoration of Credential Process

Policy: The NREPSM will establish a procedure whereby a professional can seek restoration of his/her NREPSM credential. The restoration period is defined as one calendar year following the end of the original recertification period.


  1. A person wishing to restore his/her NREPSM/OIP credential will: 
    1. Obtain applicable continuing education hours within the restoration period and submit a $140.00 restoration fee; OR
    2. Retake the certification examination.
  2. Restoration by obtaining continuing education credits.
    1. The individual must obtain thirty (30) CE hours during the recertification period and restoration period.
    2. Written request for restoration must be submitted, after completion of CE hour requirements, to the NREPSM/OIP within 30 days following the end of the restoration period.
    3. The $140.00 restoration fee, list of CEU courses, and supporting documentation must accompany the written request for restoration.
  3. Restoration by retaking the certification examination:
    1. An individual wishing to restore his/her credential by retaking the certification examination must retake AND pass the certification examination through the established procedures for this process.
    2. Candidates for restoration whose credentials are restored through continuing education will be notified by the Executive Director. Upon notification, they will begin a new one year recertification cycle. Candidates restoring by examination will begin a new recertification cycle beginning after they retake and pass the examination.
    3. CE hours used for restoration may NOT be applied to the next recertification cycle.