Sphera Solutions

Sphera Solutions, a US-based company headquartered in Chicago, is the largest global provider of software and services related to environmental, health, safety and sustainability. For over 30 years, Sphera Solutions, has helped over 2,500 organizations in all sectors; including Fortune 1000, Government/ Military and education. Together with Mark Harbin, their senior consultant, Sphera Solutions provide the CRCM - Certified Refrigerant Compliance Manager training courses for NREPSM professionals. 

Mark Harbin has extensive experience is refrigerant compliance software and services, as well as, fifteen years of HVAC industry experience. He is a licensed HVAC contractor and EPA certified technician with knowledge about energy retrofits, refrigerant conversions, and refrigerant reclamation services. Along with these attributes, Mr. Harbin holds three NREPSM certifications (CEA, CESCO and CRCM). 

Mark Harbin - CEA, CRCsphera logoM, CESCO
Sr. Consultant, Refrigerant Compliance Services
O: +1  602 625 2139