Unveiling the Future of Risk Management: The CRAME Certification

In an era where risks are increasingly complex and multifaceted, the need for adept risk management professionals has never been more critical. Recognizing this essential need, the National Registry for Environmental Professionals (NREPSM) is thrilled to introduce a groundbreaking certification: the Certified Risk Assessment and Management Expert (CRAME). This certification is designed to arm professionals with the advanced skills required to navigate the complexities of risk management in today’s dynamic environment.


Risk management is the backbone of organizational security and stability. The CRAME certification is tailored for professionals who are committed to mastering the art and science of risk assessment and management. Whether you are a financial guru, an insurance professional, an environmental safety advocate, a legal expert, an accountant, or specialize in loss control, CRAME is your next step towards professional excellence.

The Benefits of Becoming a CRAME

The CRAME certification is more than a badge of honor; it is a tool that empowers professionals to make a tangible impact in their organizations. By focusing on the most critical risks, CRAME-certified professionals can significantly enhance workplace safety, security, and project outcomes. This certification also delves into the vital roles of insurance in risk management, the benefits of risk mapping, and how Artificial Intelligence can revolutionize risk modeling.

Who Can Apply?

To qualify for the CRAME certification, applicants must possess a bachelor’s degree in environmental or safety science and have at least two years of experience in risk management within the environmental and safety industry. The certification fee is US$300, an investment in your professional future.

A Unique Opportunity: Grandfathering

NREPSM is offering a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to obtain the CRAME certification through a grandfathering process. For a limited time, eligible professionals can be grandfathered into this prestigious certification without taking the standard examination. This exclusive offer is available for the first six months following the launch of the certification. Following this period, candidates will be required to demonstrate their proficiency through an online and closed book exam.

Join the Vanguard of Risk Management

The National Registry for Environmental Professionals is at the forefront of enhancing the qualifications and expertise of environmental and safety professionals. By introducing the CRAME certification, NREPSM aims to set a new standard in risk management excellence.

Are you ready to elevate your career and contribute to the safety and security of your organization at a higher level? The CRAME certification is your pathway to becoming a leading figure in the field of risk management.

For more information on how to apply for the CRAME certification, read more on our Certifications page.