What Does an Associate Environmental Professional Do?

An Associate Environmental Professional (AEP) may assist in a variety of environmental projects. They collect data for Environmental Assessments or other environmental projects and assist in planning for disaster preparedness. AEPs work as part of a team on a wide variety of environmental projects.

Associate Environmental Professionals at work

What Skills Do I Need as an Associate Environmental Professional?

An Associate Environmental Professional is an entry level position, so many skills will be learned on the job as you go. However, basic skills in data collecting and data management are helpful. Likewise, an understanding of the applicable environmental laws is helpful to an AEP.

Associate Environmental Professionals work as part of a team of professionals under the direction of an Environmental Manager. Strong communication skills and the ability to work well with others is necessary.

Since AEPs may be conducting fieldwork or research as part of the team, good analytical skills and critical thinking skills are very helpful.

What is Required to Become an Associate Environmental Professional?

The Associate Environmental Professional Certification is a good pathway into a career in environmental management. It is an entry-level certification for environmental professionals who have completed the Certificate or Diploma of Environmental Management or for students who are working toward a college degree in the environmental sciences and have completed one year in a related bachelor’s degree program.

While work experience is not required to apply for certification as an Associate Environmental Professional, three years of work experience can be substituted for each year of academic study. Applicants must also pass an exam on Environmental Regulations, Program Implementation, Site Assessments, Environmental Ethics, Basic Chemistry, and other related topics.

How Much Money Do Associate Environmental Professionals Make?

As an entry level position, an Associate Environmental Professional can expect to draw an entry level salary. While some positions may be hourly, most will draw a salary beginning in the $30,00 range. With educational advancement and experience this salary should steadily rise. The job outlook for environmental professionals is steadily rising according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics and is expected to grow faster than other professions.

Engineer team working against wind turbine farm

How Can an NREPSM Certification Help?

An NREPSM Certification as an Associate Environmental Professional shows that you are knowledgeable in the field and qualified for the position. Your AEP Certification adds prestige to your resume and provides the following benefits:

  • Shows employers and clients that you are committed to excellence in the field and ready to meet the unique challenges of the profession
  • Provides a listing in the NREPSM’s Official Registry of Environmental Professionals
  • Recognizes your achievements and provides opportunities for career advancement
  • Provides opportunities for credential development, attendance at national conferences, participation in environmental education programs, and local and regional affiliated organizations

With continuing education, experience, and appropriate certifications, a career as an Associate Environmental Professional is very promising. The field is growing and advancing quickly. It is possible to work your way up into advanced careers in the field. Contact the National Registry of Environmental Professionals® today to learn earn more about becoming an Associate Environmental Professional.