REM-E - Registered Environmental Manager Emeritus

NREPSM is launching an ‘Emeritus (E)’ status program to assist NREPSM-certified professionals who have retired from their full-time job and active employment. 

With the help of this status, you can show your certification status as “REM-E”, based on the certification obtained by professionals, after your retirement.

Professionals who have reached the age of 65 years or have already retired can apply for this certification status, however, you should have at least a 30+ year relationship with NREPSM to be eligible for the designation.

Key benefits of this status are:
•    A certificate of recognition will be provided to professionals. 
•    Professionals are no longer required to pay an annual maintenance fee.
•    CE credits are not required.
•    Professionals’ certification status will be left in ‘Good Standing’.
•    Reduced annual renewal fee for the certification.

To check the eligibility and for any other questions, please feel free to contact us at

Key Information:

Professionals should have at least 30+years with NREPSM to be eligible for the Emeritus designation

Annual renewal fee for this certification is $25

Not Required
Certification Type: 
Project Management/Coordination Programs


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