OSHA Online Course September 2022

Are you in compliance? Not knowing OSHA compliance standards could cost you and your company.

Federal OSHA Law Course from NREPSM deals with ‘United States Federal OSHA Structure and Standards’ regarding employee safety in the workplace.

The purpose of this three-day online course is to prepare candidates on understanding how the Occupational Safety & Health Administration functions.  Special emphasis is placed on those areas that are critical and most important to know in both General and Construction industries, using OSHA standards as a guide. Registrants will learn to apply the appropriate Federal OSHA standard that applies to hazards in both of these industries.

Key objectives of this course are:

  1. To familiarize the students with the basic knowledge of OSHA standards necessary to be conversant in their profession.
  2. To give the students an understanding of OSHA compliance needed to succeed in this area of expertise.
  3. To give the students the necessary background for working with hazardous materials, whether in the field or in an industrial setting.
  4. Establish the basic background, methods, techniques, and requirements of safety inspections and investigations.
  5. To have the students acquire the information and judgmental skills necessary to differentiate between real and perceived risks.


Students must have a minimum of two (2) years of safety and health work experience in either the general and/or construction industry(ies).

This course will cover the following sections:

  • Section 1: Why is OSHA important to you?
  • Section 2: What rights do you have under OSHA?
  • Section 3: What responsibilities does your employer have under OSHA?
  • Section 4: How OSHA inspections are conducted?
  • Section 5: What are OSHA standards?
  • Section 6: 29 CFR 1910 Most Common Standards
  • Section 7: 29 CFR 1926 Most Common Standards
  • Section 8: Case Studies
  • Section 9: Where can you go for help?
  • Section 10: References

Program Average Fee: 

2-Day OSHA 10  Outreach GI & Construction $450 including  Mancomm publication OTIEC $550  extra $20/card

4-Day OSHA 30  Outreach GI & Construction   $650 including Mancomm publication OTIEC $850  extra $20/card

Mancomm Publications: 1926 & 1910 Reference Books run about $50 our cost possible discounts with large orders

  • 4-Day Course                       $650
  • 3-Day Course                       $550
  • 2-Day Course                       $350
  • 1-Day OTIEC Course          $250
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OSHA Online Course September 2022
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Monday, September 12, 2022 to Wednesday, September 14, 2022

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