RIHP - Registered Industrial Hygiene Professional

RIHP - Registered Industrial Hygiene Professional is a program designed to credential professionals responsible for investigating, examining and providing information to control and prevent potentially harmful conditions in the workplace, development of techniques to anticipate and control dangerous situations and participating in the development of regulations, on the government or state level, to ensure workplace and community safety.

This Test: 

  • Online Examination (link provided by email)
  • Number of questions: 100
  • Format of questions: Multiple Choice 
  • Has a time limit of: 02:00:00
  • Has a pass mark of: 75%
  • Is intended to be closed book.

Chapter #Chapter Name# of Questions% of Exam
1Introduction to the Certification 00
2History of Industrial Hygiene11%
3Basic Science and Chemistry1212%
4Analytical Chemistry55%
5Biological Hazards33%
6Air Pollution, Sampling and Monitoring1313%
10Stressors 88%
11Measurement courses and control99%
12Workplace Hazard and Risk Assessment 1717%
13Environmental Ethics 11%
Total Questions100100.00%

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RIHP - Registered Industrial Hygiene Professional

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